Technology Applications in Spanish Class

Tool I: Digital Camera

Uses: Pictures, Movie Clips

Sample Lesson Objectives:

1. Pictures to model scenes in TPRS Spanish stories as a means of demonstrating comprehension of spoken Spanish.

2. Movie Clips that show characters acting out scenes from TPRS Spanish stories as a means of demonstrating comprehension of spoken Spanish.

3. Movie Clips of student-generated stories in Spanish.

4. Movie Clips to demonstrate themes of __________ culture.

- Mexican



1. During class, the teacher and students will tell a story in Spanish, which will contain the vocabulary and grammar objectives for the day, and yet allow students to be creative with the direction of the story.  After telling the story, the teacher will pass out notecards to groups of students.  Each notecard will contain a description of one story scene in Spanish.  The students will model the story scene as the teacher takes pictures with the digital camera.  The story scenes will be uploaded to Picasa.  Students will make a presentation of the story and retell the story either orally to the class or write about the different story scenes in Spanish on the story slides.

2. The teacher and students will tell a story in Spanish, and the teacher will use the video camera to record a group of students acting out the story as the teacher tells the story in Spanish.  The student acting will demonstrate whether the students understand what the teacher is saying in Spanish.

3. Students will be asked to generate their own stories using specific grammar and vocabulary items either on their own, with a partner, or with a small group.  The student(s) will tell their story to the class and act it out, and the teacher will record this using the digital camera.

4. Throughout the year, the teacher will educate the students about daily cultural life, traditions, and holidays of Mexico and Spain.  There will be a projects in which the students are asked to make a skit which depicts an aspect of culture, to be recorded with the digital camera.


Tool II: Google Voice

Uses: Voice Recordings

Sample Lesson Objectives:

1. To develop an audio portfolio of students speaking in Spanish, as a means of tracking their progress in fluency and grammar skills.

2. To record __________.

-students retelling oral Spanish stories told in class.

-students retelling written Spanish stories read in class.

-student-generated Spanish stories.

-students conversing with one another in Spanish.

-students explaining cultural concepts.


 1. Throughout the course of the year, Google Voice and/or will be used to record the students speaking in Spanish for a variety of activities, whether they are dialoguing with fellow classmates, retelling stories presented in class, or telling their own stories.  Recordings of these activities on Google Voice or will assist the teacher in the process of grading the assignments and serve to show improvement of students fluency and grammar  skills throughout the year.

2. Each student will develop an audio portfolio, a website of some sort which contains their voice recordings from the year.  The portfolios will track students' progress throughout the school year, and also serve to model the accomplishments of the students throughout all of their grade school years.

Tool III: Google Documents

 Uses: Documents, Powerpoints, E-mail

Sample Lesson Objectives:

1. Google documents will be used to __________.

-submit Spanish freewrites to instuctor.

-submit Spanish summaries of oral stories to instructor.

-submit Spanish summaries of written stories to instructor.

2. Google powerpoints will be used for students to collaborate with one another on presentations about Mexican/Spanish culture.

3. Google Gmail will be used for students to communicate with penpals from __________.

-Spanish-speaking countries around the world.

-Spanish-speaking students the attend Assumption Guadalupe Catholic School in Omaha, NE.


1. Students will be assigned several writing activities throughout the year.  All writing assignments will be submitted to the teacher via Google Documents.  Writing assignments will consist of summaries of stories told and read during class, or free writes.

2. Google Powerpoints will help the students collaborate with one another when completing group projects pertaining to elements of Mexican or Spanish culture.  Students will have the ability to all work on the same Powerpoint presentation at the same time from different locations, and will be able to show the Powerpoint with the teacher.

3. As the majority of my students are white, non-Hispanics, an important goal of mine is to help them to establish connections with native Spanish speakers.  This may be done through the use of international penpal organizations or through networking with native Spanish speakers residing in Omaha.  Gmail will assist them in these communications.


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